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Our Vission

We have to be most trusted admire and innovative research company in sandalwood and sandalwood products.

Our Mission

To prepare strong presence in sandalwood world and to ear trust of our reputable client from India.


Sandalwood Farm

Sandalwood is world priciest commercial plant known for its fragrance. Demand for its product is increasing continually. It’s also known as Chandan in India.

Benefits Sandalwood

    Govt. Encourage Farmers for Cultivation

    Huge growing market demand

    buyers eager to purchase the wood

    Easy to cultivate

    Draught and shade resistant

    No restrictions on cultivation

    Suitable Climate for Cultivation

white sandalwood

White Sandalwood

White Sandalwood is commonly known as ‘Chandan’ in India. White sandalwood is use in the form of oil or powder. it is use as an fragrance in perfume industries. Its demand is going increasing in Indian and global market.

red sandalwood

Red Sandalwood

Red Sandalwood is commonly known as ‘Rakt Chandan’ in India. It comes in reddish powder form or in reddish oil form. It required several hundred years to get mature. It is mostly use as an medicine in India.

Sandalwood Life Cycle